A New Way to Think About Journalism


Every day we read it, listen to it, watch it, and share it. We love it and hate it. It’s the invisible force that influences our daily lives. A handful of companies monopolise it, and we have no control over the production of it.

Media is struggling. Publishers are going bust. Writers are now under more pressure than ever to produce more content at a lower cost. How will the industry adapt? How do you increase the quality of content, while reducing the cost of production? How about a simple, economic solution. Democratise it, and get rid of overheads.

Imagine a newspaper with no offices. No management, editors, sales, marketing, HR, IT, finance, assistants. Imagine a newspaper that lets anyone publish. A newspaper that pays its writers directly for the revenue earned from their content. A newspaper that gives readers the complete democratic power to decide what’s important.

Introducing The Journalist

Inspired by Youtube, Reddit, and Twitter, we’ve created The Journalist. An open-source community newspaper, launching in New Zealand.

The Journalist aims to bring a new community voice to the table. It can help spread new ideas, share new experiences and promote new writers. Above all, it can give people the ability to speak out about what they believe in.

We’ve designed the platform to be simple and easy to use. Anyone can sign up and start publishing straight away. It’s also integrated seamlessly with social media so you can share articles easily. This is so writers can focus on what’s important. Producing meaningful content that resonates with readers. 

Why You Should Sign up

Open-source journalism has the potential to change the news industry. By signing up you will be taking a positive step forward toward democratising the local news and bringing a community voice to the media. It’s also the perfect tool to help you build your own brand and share your views with a wider audience.

As we grow, we will look to obtain further funding and a sustainable source of revenue, which will be used to pay writers directly.

Until then, have fun, and stay tuned as we will be offering various cash prizes to the most popular writers on the platform!

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t an experienced writer. If your passionate and have something to share, people should know about it. We’ve also got some great tips to help you get started.

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